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Introducing NO TOAST’s new Grain-free PORRIDGE

Our PORRIDGE is a hand-made gluten-free and grain-free, low-carb vegan, Keto, mix which is LOW in natural sugar and made with 100% Natural PREMIUM ingredients of QUINOA flakes,CHIA seeds and 30% of our GRANOLA CHALLENGE blend to add both texture and taste…

They come in 250g bag (5 serves), 500g bag (10 serves), 1kg bag (20 serves) in a handy reseal bag with serving cup for easy size portioning
and our3kg BULKbag (60 serves) all come in a resealable bags.

Our Porridge is easy to make up, just Microwave a serve size of 50g PORRIDGE with 3⁄4 to 1 cup of MILK/water for 25-30 seconds STIR, then another 25-30 seconds EAT….

Serve with milk and a drizzle of honey !