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image by Jennifer Gaye


Just as we went into isolation, a fantastic Melbourne based family owned business, called OLD TIME BAKERY got in touch with us here at NO TOAST. They thought we might like to try each other’s gluten-free products and share our love to our own customers. We of course, loving a bit of collaboration between local Aussie Artisan producers, jumped at the chance to have a bit of FUN and help each other out.

Here is what we did with our first product play!

We thought we might try a DESSERT PIZZA using OLD TIME BAKERY’s gluten-free pizza bases and one of our gluten-free granola’s. We spread a mascarpone mix on the base, which we teamed with fresh raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. We then sprinkled, toasted coconut flakes, our NO TOAST GRANOLA CHALLENGE mix and drizzled with some tempered dark chocolate… IT WAS THE BOMB !!!

You can purchase your NOTOAST grain-free products from our on-line page

And for Old Time Bakery gluten-free pizza bases, wraps and Turkish breads and the like you can check them out on their webpage;