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What is NO TOAST?

REPORTED by the minister Alannah MacTiernan for DEPARMENT OF AGRICULTURE & FOOD  as 1 of 3 WA PREMIUM cereals ready for EXPORT…

NO TOAST is a GLUTEN-FREE and GRAIN-FREE, vegan, Ketogenic , paleo clean food which can be used as a breakfast cereal, or topper with a splash of your choice of milk, yoghurt or fresh fruit. Great as a snack, over a salad or as a topping for your favourite dessert. Makes up the BEST bliss balls…Be experimental…NO TOAST “tastes famous!”

NO TOAST is a nutritious and healthy way to start your day and will give you sustained energy without leaving you feeling bloated…NO TOAST has 2 GRAIN-FREE , PALEO mixes both high in protein and unsaturated (good) fat, but LOW in saturated fat, carbohydrate ; sodium and sugar.

  • Challenge is very low in natural sugar (<2g) and contains no fruit so is suitable for those taking a Challenge!
  • +Honey adds cranberries and a touch of unprocessed honey to give it a hint of sweet.

What people say about NO TOAST …

 “ tastes famous ! ” …….. “ It’s a journey ! ”

Who makes NO TOAST ?

NO TOAST is handmade by Brad in his kitchen in Western Australia.

“When making a lifestyle choice to eat PALEO/primal and not always wanting or having the time to cook at breakfast, I started playing around with a few different granola recipes until I had something that suited my tastes! That was in January 2012, and now in April 2014 I think I have it just how I like it, and just how many others like it, so it seems…NO TOAST came purely by accident, after handing out more samples than I was keeping myself.”

“+Honey was the first granola I was making for myself and family, before a request to modify the mix by a friend who instructs a grit fitness group, to suit a Challenge. The Challenge was for a NO Carb, NO dairy, NO sugar, NO fruit, eating plan for 21 days…hence ‘Challenge’…So if you are also watching your natural sugars, the ‘Challenge’ would be the one for you”  Read more..

‘ Join the Natural Journey ‘

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